Back To Work

19 Jun

Today was my first real day back at work. One of our regular customers at called yesterday and placed an easy order. After breakfast I decided that I should at least TRY to do my job. My job consists of measuring and pouring essential oils into the properly sized glass bottles that our customers have ordered. Then I package the bottles and pack them for shipping.

At this point, dear reader, you may be asking yourself, “What’s an essential oil?”. An essential oil is a concentrated liquid that is extracted from various plant matters. It is used in perfumes and has many medicinal properties. For instance, if you were to call us (1-800-331-6457) and ask for a 10ml bottle (1/3 of an ounce) of Peppermint essential oil, I would know that you wanted to use it internally to A) Relieve gas B) Freshen your breath or C) Make home made tooth powder. OR you might be adding it to a cold and flu blend for massage to help you sweat it out. You might even be making a Christmas room spray. These are some of the main uses of just ONE oil that we carry.

It didn’t take me very long to pour and label six bottles. It was a bit tiring though and after packaging and weighing I was ready for a break. My back was sore from the bending. It’s not the kind of job that I can really sit down to do either. I need a steady hand even when I’m using the pippetter (a really big syringe kinda thing that does exact liquid volume measurements).

What was wonderful is that Ken can up behind me after I was done, wrapped his arms around me and said “Welcome back”. That really made my day.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to stay with herbalism and aromatherapy as a career. I love my job and I’ll figure out a way to make it work.


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