Breast Necrosis Questions

Since the Breast Necrosis Photos comments have gotten SO long, I decided to create a page where everyone can ask their questions, add their experiences and contribute their knowledge. As always, I am not a health care professional. I cannot give medical advice. I can only speak from my own experience. If you have a serious problem, always consult a board certified medical doctor who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Remember: Any surgeon can call themselves a plastic surgeon WITHOUT having specialized training. Make SURE the PS you’re considering is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. My apologies to my readers in other countries. I don’t know who the governing bodies are for countries outside the US. If you DO know this, please feel free to contribute the information. I’ll add it to a list and make it accessible to everyone.


23 responses to “Breast Necrosis Questions

  1. jill

    November 21, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    I have recently been mutilated by my reconstructive plastic,after breast cancer.I had two cigarette looking burns on one breast a year ago,that were ignored, and last month 25% of the breast turend black and died.he took a pair of sissors and cut the skin off,while i was screaming for him to stop.Then he realised I have silicone imnplants (that he had put in and never bothered to look it up)
    Then he pulled the implant out throught hole he had cut ,leaving me with an open visable wound and a HUGE ubnder the skin wound,he wont do anything to help because my health ins ran out,Horrible Horrible Dr,Dallas Tx.
    would love to post pix if I can figure how how to.
    They say I will have to have a wound vac for 3 months and it may not work,then surgery and skingrafting.malpractice? I was treated so badly and now deforemed,broke and in pain.

    • Maria_Myrback

      November 22, 2011 at 12:19 am


      My first thought is definitely MALPRACTICE LAW SUIT. Don’t let this joker get away with this. Sue him. Sue him ALOT. And then when you win the law suit, call my plastic surgeon in Atlanta to do the reconstruction. His contact info is on a tab on the home page of my site. Dr. Elliott is amazing. After both sides of my chest dehesched and the tennis ball sized holes were closed with the wound VAC, I was deformed (there are photos somewhere on the site). He took the lumpy, scarred thing that was my chest and crafted two beautiful DD breasts WITHOUT implants.

      It took two surgeries: One to create the mounts and the second to create new nipples. Yesterday I had a second round of tattooing so that my nipples and areolae are the color nipples and areolae are supposed to be. All of this was included in the cost of the surgery.

      If you’d like, you can email me photos at along with a detailed version of your story and I’ll be happy to post it here. I’ve done that for a few other women.

      I have to say that the wound VAC saved my life. I probably would have killed myself if I had to keep packing the wounds until they healed.

      I’m so sorry you have to deal with this and I am mortified that your PS did this to you. But you are NOT alone. I’m always available to talk via email or even over the phone if things get really bad and you just need a friendly voice. Please stay in contact and PLEASE get yourself a malpractice attorney ASAP!

      • Jill

        January 9, 2012 at 11:02 am

        Suzanne’s Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction Surgery – Suzanne Somers Breaking Through: Episode 1

        Hi maria My online friend. I haven’t been online in a while ,doing wound vac and getting some tissue growing finally,we don’t know if it will be enough yet. The wound care people are wonderful, the dr is a human being.
        The kci medical business donated the vac,i have to pay the fees to go in every other day.

        you will not believe the amazing procedure in clip above.I actually know S Somers and she has truly given every woman everywhere hope for better reconstruction.

        it isnt available in us but she had a dr do it in la. $$$$ works

        Im still gathering records but finally after getting 8 worthless pgs of doc from the 23 hosptials, finally a friend of friend, pulled my records and it shows that he had cut my implant .
        take care,

    • Lar Park Lincoln

      April 17, 2013 at 7:05 pm

      My chest wound was wide open for one year and 4 days. I walked around, worked and wound vac, and packing ,miserable and desperate without my health insurance anymore.Nov12, a teamo f Dr closed the chest in an 8 hr surgery. I still have drains, 6 months later but the hole is closed. keep your spirits up…. Ill try to post some pix,

  2. jill

    November 23, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    recieved the wound vac today.It was gruesome but honestly feels better than the packing did.I was told I hadnt been packing the gauze in far enough. when i changed it last night , a foot long of gauze came out(the nurse had done it earlier inthe day) It was very hard for me to push gauze into my open wound,,,ugh so I was hapy to get wound vac.My plastic had said put a small piece of gauze on it and then tape or a bandaid.aparently had I continued that pointless piece of advice, i mayhave ended up with layers ” of skin tissue not at all healed,
    happy gobbl; eeveryone,

  3. Joanna Bolt

    November 29, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Can you please tell me the name of the surgeon in Dallas? – I live there & I am a plastic surgery nurse that is looking for a job. I don’t want to work for someone like that. PLEASE let me know his name.
    The reason I am on this site is because my sister just had a double mastectomy, nipple sparing procedure….in New York because of poor care here in Dallas.

    • Jill

      January 9, 2012 at 10:54 am

      Hi Joanna, I have not forgotten your initial post.
      i have been dealing with this horrible situation and still do have have a full understanding of what i can say publicly. Most agree that what I say isn’t libel because the Dr did do it ,botched the removal and left me open.
      I hope your sister is doing well, i wish I had only known. This Dr practices in both Plano Texas and also Baylor Dallas.he shares a large office near 75 & northwest highway,near North park with a Plastic surgery center
      Maybe that will help,please stay in touch,

  4. Jill

    November 29, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Hi Joanna,
    I’m so sorry your sister is having so much difficulty. I can not name this attorney at this time.I hope i will be able to give all the details.
    i hope you cant understand,

  5. lori

    January 9, 2012 at 12:55 am

    Was wondering if any one can tell me if they experience pain after the necrosis heals . I am still having sharp unexpected pain months after

    • Maria_Myrback

      January 9, 2012 at 11:45 am


      Those are what I call “little zappy pains”. It feels like you’re being shocked for just a moment, right? Those are nerves regrowing through your skin. It’s normal. The reason you get the sharp pains is that they haven’t fully regrown and they’re misfiring so you get little sharp pains while they grow. It took about six months of intermittent zappy pains before it settled down.

      It’s obnoxious, but it’s a good thing.

      • lori

        January 21, 2012 at 12:10 am

        Thanks and good luck with the book if I can help in anyway let me know

  6. Jill

    January 9, 2012 at 10:51 am

    Hi Lori,
    This is Jill from “Jills Story”
    I did nt have any pain from it after it was removed.
    I had pain like a sore pimple when it started and very quickly it it became necrotic and the dry skin around was pulling and sore.

    I had it once a year prior and when it came back,5 separate Drs didn’t react fast enough and i ended up in surgery and left with an open wound.have been using a wound vac for 2 months,at first the interior of open wound was vey painful and we used an old solution called Dakins,(can find online recipe,easy just have to boil the jars and tools you use) mixture of bleach ,h20 and baking soda, to pour in 30 minutes to clean.
    very effective,the first month using that soultion was burning,now better as the open wound has started to heal.
    I have felt sick,like mono symptoms,im sure formthe infection.
    I hop ethis helps.
    I know if you ave already been through either breast cancer ,like me or cosmetic surgery, you can handle this.
    There was no reason this should have happened to me,
    Good luck,

    • Maria_Myrback

      January 9, 2012 at 11:48 am


      It breaks my heart knowing what you went through. However, I strongly disagree with you. If the doctor can’t see you, go to the emeergency room. Don’t try to handle medical stuff on your own. It can make things 100 times worse especially if you’re self-diagnosing. Also, home remedies can make a situation worse.

      Please, PLEASE see a doctor if you have a medical issue!!

    • lori

      January 21, 2012 at 12:12 am

      Thanks Jill my heart goes out to you Xo

  7. Jill

    January 9, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    I don’t know whats to disagree with.did you read “jills story?” I saw 5 doctors within 2 weeks and went to 2 er’s where my Drs practiced.I didn’t do any medical care on my own. The dakins solution is rx by the wound care clinic
    both er’s denied care, looked at it and passed me along. the 3rd er trip was when I went immediately from the plastic’s office because without any medicine or consent ,he grabbed a pair of scissors ,dug it into the necrotic skin, the hole where the implant was coming out and literly cut my skin off with me yelling for him to stop.he then sliced the implant(silicone) and i was rushed to er.
    er wouldn’t “finish” his botched mess and i waited 11 hours until he showed up and we had to get all hospital admin involved. He left the hospital, leaving the wound open,9 cm deep into my chest and 5 .5 inches around OPEN.
    He took the implant and has destroyed the path ,luckily I was finally able to get path report and the notations about the cuts he had made.

    every single system in place to help me failed. This Dr had already done 4 surgeries on me over 3 years. the way he removed the implant was through a hole he had cut the area open with, didn’t clean the interior and didn’t tell me I have a 5.5 inch wound open.


  8. lindsay

    February 23, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    I had a mastectomy and during surgery had an implant inserted. It started immediatly going purple/black and became very swollen. After 5 days I was taken back to theatre and the implant was taken out, it was so bad that the skin wouldn’t close and I needed a skin graft. I was told that the implant they put in was probably too big. ( I had a mastectomy the prevoious year on the other breast but had an expander put in to stretch the skin, after 6 months I got silicone implants inserted into both breast. When I found the lump on the other breast and had to have another mastectomy the surgeon said he would try and avoid putting in an expander as the skin should have already stretched from the silicone implant 3 months ago, so it should just be a case of doing the mastectomy and replacing the implant with the same sized one.) Now I’m totally flat chested with a horrible skin graft as I only had surgery 2 weeks ago I just don’t know where to turn.

  9. Jill

    April 2, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    Hi everyone,
    well 5 months to the day since the Dallas Dr mutilated my breast, and left me with the open wound.2 months of wound vac, healed some and now open again. Wound care feels we need to unroof the skin now to see inside what the problem may be. All of this could have been prevented with a moral Dr.
    My lawyers have me seeing a plastic for consult this week.
    wish me luck!

  10. Jill

    July 25, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    Hi Fellow Boobs!
    I have just had my 8th surgery since Oct 08. My healing has been slow and rough. The er surgery done Nov 2nd was so poorly done and cause me so much damage by a Dallas plastic Dr that I have endure 8.5 months of wound care, wound vacs etc.
    I went through 7 law firms to sue him for malpractice and have been unsuccessful. Apparently destroying records and being an asshole aren’t crimes. Im not giving up yet!
    Since the laws have changed so much, I have been unable to get legal relief. I finally was able to be covered under Medicaid( first time in my life to use government welfare) It paid for the surgery yesterday to open the wound up more to see the under skin wound we couldn’t get to heal. I haven’t yet had illness that I know of from the silicone implant the plastic ruptures twice with a pair of unsterilized scissors.
    Tomorrow another wound vac goes on. I am doing a total of 40 treatments in the hyperbaric chamber. Daily for two hours, kinda hard for me, with anxiety & claustrophobia, but getting through it. It helps heal radiated tissue and should help me heal finally. It has been very scary to be walking around with an open hole in my chest for 8 months! The Wound care center or Medical center of Plano has been wonderful to me, committed dr and nurses helping me to get better.Wonderful people!
    I have kept my chin up, not wearing a prosthesis, too heavy and too hot (anyone know of a company that has them, lightweight) please help! I want to look at least somewhat normal for being in the public .we get used to it at home but it is “startling” to others when I’m trying to work. I have used this time to finish writing two more books, I have one published already.
    My son starts college in the fall (he has received scholarships!) and my daughter graduates on August 11th, her 22nd birthday!! (I would like to look at least like I have two boobs at her graduation)college.
    So, That horrible Dr of Dallas Plastic Surgery Center, off 75, can never destroy my beautiful family and my life, but he will surely be forced at some time in his life to fess up and know the pain he has caused. I can’t have been his only science experiment.
    I, however will only grow stronger. There is weakness in anger, all he had to do was say ,”I’m sorry” so literally, we need to keep him in good thoughts so none else has to deal with him and be hurt and scarred by him.
    I haven’t been able to get social security disability even though at 51 I have paid into the system well. There was another law that said if I were 50 and widowed and disabled, I could get Medicare. when I applied for that , I was then told it only applied if I had filed for it 7 years after my husband’s death years ago and before I had cancer.
    So even though, I have literally been stopped at every corner, I am trying to get past it! At least I have pretty hair again. Thank heaven for small miracles!!lol

    • Antoinette

      July 26, 2012 at 2:47 pm

      i cant believe you cant find a lawyer to represent you? this is apalling!!! if you cant find any help you should call Tyra Banks show and tell her your story. i know it sounds far fetched but he should not be practicing. i can just imagine him sitting on a beach somewhere and giving a rats bum that he ruined ur life!!!! If you cant fine the legal aid then you have nothing to lose by outing him. make a website and put his name out there. maybe you can fins some other women he has damaged and then maybe you guys can band together and ruin his life!!!!

  11. Jill

    July 27, 2012 at 1:23 am

    Hi A,
    well unfortunately i have learned its just inst that easy.I have been to 7 law firms, good one and one took the case. The issue is the malpractice laws have been changed by lobbyists so much that there isnt any money to gain.State law varies but in Tx we are limited to a 24 month statute of limitations and then if you win,its 2-3 years and the most you can win is 250K , that’s it, that’s all no matter what they ruin on you.cut off the wrong body part,kill you,doesn’t ,matter 250.
    you can get punitive damages to 1.3 million ,take 5 years. the firms have to first basically gather all evidence prior to actually filing a suit and the firm did spend a large amount of $$k on me ,sent me to experts, interviewed the drs etc.
    The issue for e is there were 5 drs that took care of me from a general to oncology.
    The laws are very specific and i cant go after 5 Drs. it is a long horrible system, I had no idea!! The law firm has to make a decision based on law and probability. They would have to invest between 25 and 50k just to get it to trial then win, then take their expenses off and their 40% of final funds,yo an see that is a very small number for a law firm to do.they would be working up to 3 or 5 years for 40K not worth anyone’s time.
    I have been in large lawsuits before in new York where i was able to win and my legislature didn’t have my hands tied.
    the law firms are having a very hard time with malpractice,it has all changed.
    there is no”police” for the Drs anymore so his destroying documents and splitting a silicon implant open etc etc wont hurt him. there are Drs everywhere practicing everyday with strings of claims and suits behind them.they don’t lose their licenses,they aren’t ‘charged” with anything, they aren’t arrested. I really thought i could sue, get enough money to repair myself and move on.But not the case. So not only has social security hung me out to dry but also the medical i can be bitter or just keep trying a way to live with this past 4 years now.Tuesday was my 8th surgery.
    I have chosen to get well and then attack.
    I cant do it all at once and all alone. I have to be careful where i put my public voice to make the most impact.being emotional and angry wont get me the results I desire.
    My dream is that somehow I can find a dr who will reconstruct me over time. I wish I could get a whole campaign going for the medical care and the money needed to help me.I have more pictures and they aren’t pretty.Im willing to go public with them, Im willing to tell it all loud and clear,but how can I do that alone?I am widowed,I go to the hospital and dr every day or every other day for treatment and wound care.I have to get healed ,at least from this open wound situation I’m in.Maybe I can get a campaign going ,maybe people would donate to me if they knew how bad it was.
    I am out of options and out of money and hanging by a thin thread,However that said, I’m coaching as much as I can, I’m so happy with my life in every other way and I’ve had 4 yrs of hell to get used to this. I want the other implant he put in taken out.. He butchered the breast that didn’t even have cancer in it.
    I’m so grateful you have written me and care so much for me,I know there are so many people who care.I just got a really shitty dr and his time will come,,,i must focus today on me and then on him

    Keep in touch,Ill try to upload latest pix. maybe i can get something started ,showing pix, a news broadcast etc and get help from good people everywhere.IM up for it.I have written one book and am in a book called Fearless women,fearless wisdom you can see it at
    I’m finishing a parenting book. I am keeping all the detail so i can write an tell a lot of people , I’m not down yet!

  12. Jill

    August 3, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    I understand read my story “jills story”
    Im inmy 4th year of the breast cancer ordeal ,allmade worse by the medical mistakes,i have heard from more than one expert now thathe expanders are problematic.Mine were.
    I had my 8th surgery last week and now have a wound vac re inserted.scrambling ot get my vac and the hyperbaric therapy to continue.I have had 23 ou to 40 treatments and are seeing good results before,the radiated skin doesnt heal well.
    I have an open hole in my chest.T”packed for 8 monthshat we have
    I had been accepted into medciaid andthe cancelled it a month later,yesterday.

    Im so sorrry you are dealing with this.
    electronic hug.

  13. Ellie

    August 19, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    I was told that I have necrosis in my right breast. I had a reduction about 3years ago. I just noticed terrible lumps. They did mammograms and ultra sounds to confirm what it was since my sister had breast cancer. I am wondering what was your first sign?mhow long did it take to take over your breast?

  14. Lar Park Lincoln

    October 18, 2012 at 12:58 am

    I had two cigarette looking small burns the first time,did biopsy,took antibiotics ,they cleared up but left scars in the shape of the sores,they were black and all Dr told me they didn’t know what it was.
    (later learned it is common and they knew exactly what it was)
    a year later, i woke up with larger sore across 1/4 breast, got biopsy,took rx and the implant reconstructed developed gangrene and came out of my skin.from the morning i woke with the larger black area, the skin became angry red inflamed. It was about 2 weeks until it burst through. I was treated horribly ,everyone denying .I had it removed in er and wore a wound vac twice for 3 months each. I have had an open hole for one year November 2.finally a charity hospital here in Dallas is trying to help me. get to a dr ,get medication and do this quickly.we cant save my skin,radiated skin doesn’t heal well and now i need skin grafts and a lot of surgery.
    i would suggest you get into a wound care clinic very soon,maybe you can recover if you move quickly,
    take Care


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