Numb: An Update

18 Jun

On 6/4/09 I wrote about rubbing a spot on my back raw with a new bra strap and causing some pretty major bruising. I simply couldn’t feel what was happening because the area closest to my spine is still insensate from the incisions on either side where the muscle was removed.

A couple days ago I started getting worried because the bruised area had sloughed off skin and the scabbed over area was turning an odd shade of yellow. Yesterday I noticed that it was tinged green. That’s ALWAYS a bad color for a wound. I am, of course, very paranoid about any kind of complications. So I had Ken take a photo, emailed the shot and called Dr. Elliott’s office to talk to one of the nurses.

After asking if I was running a fever or if there was a smell, she suggested that perhaps we were simply keeping it too moist. The bandage was being changed 1-2 times a day and copious Neosporin was applied. She also told us that we should be washing the area twice a day with antibacterial soap. This was news to me as  had been previously told that it should be washed whenever I showered. Since I’m so inactive I don’t shower daily as it is simply too draining. I exhaust very easily.

This morning after covering the area with only non-stick gauze and no neosporin, it was back to where it had been previously. So this is a cautionary tale about keeping wounds TOO moist.

As for the numbness itself, it’s getting better. I do think that it’s probably going to take a few more months before my back is completely normal again though. Time will tell.


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