Nipple Tattoo Progress

02 Dec

It has been ten days since I got the second round of nipple and areolae tattooing done. I did everything I told to do for after care, making sure to apply a thick coating of petroleum jelly at least once a day to the area and keep it covered with gauze and paper tape for 7 days. I actually applied the jelly twice a day just to make sure there was no way it could stick to the gauze. Below you will see the progressive loss of pigment over the last 10 days.

This first set of photos was taken on Nov. 23rd, two days after tattooing.


The second set below is from Nov. 25. There is already a little lightening in the pigment.


The third set of photos was from three days after the previous ones, on November 28. The difference is even more distinct than the difference between the first and second set.

       Finally, there are the photos from November 30, just 10 days after tattooing. You can see the tiny flakes of pigment coming off in them. In one you can even see the little leopard-like spots where the pigment is still clinging. At this point I had been, as per written after-care instructions, not wearing gauze or petroleum jelly for three days.


The color is good and according to the nurse, this is how it’s supposed to be. The difference is just so vast and startling that I wasn’t prepared for it.. They tell you it will look lighter, but seeing the difference and the progression over a ten days span seems extreme.

The good thing is that when you, Dear Reader, are ready for your tattooing, you’ll be ready for the difference. So make sure that you get the pigment color you want slightly darker so that when it heals, you have the REAL color you want for your new nipples and areolae.

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One response to “Nipple Tattoo Progress

  1. lance mortensen

    September 18, 2012 at 11:05 am

    it would be my opinion as far as surgery goes of course go to a surgen but as far as the tattooing from what i saw i would say go to a well known and respected tattoo artest a good artest will make the nipple tattoo look so real you will have to touch just to make but true they can make it look that artists shouldn’t operate and plastic surgens shouldn’t tattoo! im not anyone real inportant just a guy with a passion for tattoos( for over 25 yrs) just tryin to help if i can.


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