Readers In Texas?

01 Dec

Remember Jill’s story from yesterday (HA! Like ANYONE could forget THAT kind of trauma)? Well, she’s looking for other people like her in Texas for support and advice.

If you live there, give a shout out!

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One response to “Readers In Texas?

  1. jill

    December 3, 2011 at 10:22 pm

    Hi gals and guys! Dealing with necrotic skin and the pain of removing it and the worse pain of a Dr telling you he wont fix it is devasting.
    Maria is the only person I have ever found that has started to set this right for so many people.
    Please help us, reach mpore people with her site and maybe more of us can connect and find friendship with those that have experienced this.
    The Drs wont tell us about the site. They insity they “have never seen anything like this”
    Really? wow med school has really gone down hill! lol


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