Holy Crap! I Felt That!

22 Nov

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest gossip here on Boobcast, you know that yesterday I went in to Dr. Elliott’s office for a second round of areolae and nipple tattooing. It went SO much faster than the first time. The PA who did the tattooing said that the reason it took less time is because I already had pigment deposited under the skin. So instead of a two hour session like the first time, I was only in for about 45 minutes from the time I walked in to the time I left.

I had Ken take a few photos so that you can get an idea of what was going on. The first photo is the “Before” and you can see that I only had a little bit of pigment left from the first round in August of 2010.

The second photo below is an image of the actual tattooing. I have explained the process before, but for anyone not familiar, this is different from the kind of tattooing that is done at a tattoo studio. At a tattoo studio, the gun actually injects the dye under the skin. With medical tattooing, the pigment is applied and then the gun she is holding is run over the area to be tattooed and the skin is abraded so that the dye sinks in under the skin.

This type of tattooing takes a great deal more aftercare than a tattoo from a studio requires. With your standard tattoo, you probably won’t lose any of the tattoo if there is scabbing. With a medical tattoo, it’s just the opposite. With a medical tattoo, you MUST keep it moist with Vasaline because if it dries out and scabs up, the flaking of the scab will take the pigment right off with the scab. So for the next few weeks, Vasaline, gauze and paper tape are my best friends.

With either type of tattoo, a major consideration is how the scar tissue will take the ink. Scar tissue absorbs ink differently because of its composition. Sometimes it takes really well but most of the time, it ends up like the “Before” photo. Thus, people usually have to do more than one round of tattooing.

Below you can see what the application process looks like. She has already applied the pigment and is abrading the skin. This is where things got interesting. Last time all I felt was pressure. THIS time, however, was different on my right breast. I had more sensation from the vibration of the gun. AND in a few spots, I actually had

NORMAL sensation. My regular readers may recall that I have a couple other tattoos. Yes they were uncomfortable to get but one of them has a great story and the other commemorates this very difficult part of my life.

There were some areas that felt like she was briefly touching a smouldering matchhead to those spots. It stabbed and burnt like a regular tattoo would. It got SO intense I actually had to ask for a break!

Please understand that I am, in no way, shape or form, complaining. I’m THRILLED!!! After so much time being numb, I actually had real, authentic sensation!! I actually said “Holy crap! I FELT that!” when she started on that side.  I’m SO excited that, after all this time, my nerves are regrowing enough that I could experience full, normal sensation. I was even happier when she told me that she recently did a touch up for a woman four years out from her reconstruction and that woman had FULL SENSATION! So there’s hope!! I cannot begin to express just how excited I am by this new level of sensation. Yes it was pain but after a year and a half of numbness, pain was a welcome friend.


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