I Set A Date

08 Nov

In my last post I talked about finally understanding exactly WHY I was so afraid of having the next round of tattooing done. It went back to when I had the debrideing done and the cadaver skin bandage and general just being in the chair in the first surgeon’s office. I was still having traumatic memories related to those moments.

Now that I understand it was related to that man and those experiences I can face tattooing, knowing that all i have to do is keep reminding myself that the tattooist is not him; that this is making things better and the Twins are just fine.

It’s kind of like being a rape survivor. You tell yourself that the person you are with is not the one who hurt you. You focus on the new doctor, breathing deeply, making small talk to distract yourself and and telling yourself over and over again that you are safe. I say this from personal experience, not only from a surgury-gone-wrong standpoint, but also from a rape standpoint.

Like the title says, I set a date for the second, and hopefully final round of tattooing. I’ll be in Atlanta on November 21 and my appointment is for 4 pm. As is par for the course, I’ll have Ken take a few photos so you get the idea of what it’s like.

If you would like to learn more about medical tattooing, please visit here. You can also use the search feature to the right to find all my entries dealing with this part of the process.


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