Feeling Helpless

20 Sep

Have I mentioned lately that I despise feeling helpless? I hate this feeling with a blazing passion.

Since finding the response from someone on the Complaints Board, I have been dealing with a great deal of rage and grief. I haven’t consulted a lawyer about this yet because right now I am emotionally incapable of having a discussion about this without breaking down into a sobbing mess.

My husband has contacted the doctor’s office and requested that their lawyer send us a copy of the agreement that we both signed. Since our original copy disappeared, we need to know for certain what we are dealing with. However, when Ken spoke to our trust lawyer, she said that just because someone on their side violated the agreement, that doesn’t mean that I was permitted to do the same.

I’m really not sure how that works. If someone breaches the terms of a contract, then that contract becomes null and void, doesn’t it? I really feel like I’m back at square one with this whole situation. It’s as if the surgeon and his people can do whatever they want, but I have no recourse. If I DO publish the name publicly, then I could potentially open myself up to a lawsuit.

If any of you have any ideas, I’d appreciate the input.

[Editor’s Note: This post has been edited to remove a link and name under advice of my lawyer. Visit here for details]


One response to “Feeling Helpless

  1. Janny

    September 20, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    I read the comment about the herbal remedies with horror, someone indeed has very intimate knowledge of your case.

    I have no real idea about the legal issues you are facing, things are so different in the UK, but if I can do anything from here to help you, just shout.



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