18 Mar

Sounds like something that should be delivered, doesn’t it?

Thanks to finally being able to get insurance, I was able to get a mammogram two days ago. There’s nothing wrong and I have no reason to suspect that anything IS wrong. But with my age (44) and my family history (Mom having had breast cancer), our doctor thought it would be best to have one done.

Digital mammography uses CAD (computer aided detection) to image the breast tissue. It allows for more density so that breasts don’t need to be turned into pancakes to be fully seen. It isn’t a comfortable experience, but it is easier to deal with than the prior type of mammography that required breast tissue to be nearly flattened.

I still maintain that the only thing that helps after a mammogram is a caramel frappachino. By the time I had finished my Venti, I was feeling much less owchie. Though I’m not sure if the Starbucks or the mini Red Velvet Whoopie Pies helped more.

Aside from the diagnostic aspect of finding a tumor before it gets out of hand, I’ll get to share some REALLY nifty images with you all next week. I got to see what the Twins look like on the inside and soon you will too! They’ll burn me a CD of the images and give me a copy of the report so I can ex plain what you’re seeing. It’s fascinating because, in these images you can clearly see where the muscle flap is in relation to the less-dense  fatty tissue. It looks like one of those Jell-O parfait things, but with boobies.

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