My Areola Tattoos Suck 3

26 Aug

Okay, so they don’t suck.

And I’m not pissed off.


I just wish the nurse would have told me what to expect from this healing process, damnit!

But then, that’s what Boobcast is here for: to tell you things the medical professionals forget about or think are too inconsequential to mention.

So here’s what happened. The day after i stopped wearing the gauze with petroleum jelly, pigment started flaking and peeling. This scared the crap out of me because, according to the nurse, if it peels off then I lose the pigment. This is the opposite of what happens with regular tattoos.

With regular tattooing the ink is injected under the skin and while you do have some light peeling, unless the tattooist went too deep, you don’t lose the pigment when the light scabbing peels off.

Turns out that medical tattooing has the same healing process. The scab flaked off leaving a paler pigment underneath. There are places where there is some pretty major scabbing that went deeper than the other areas. See the photos below.

Left nipple/areola after partial scab flaking

As you can see on the top of the areola the scabbing is thicker and goes deeper. This is going to, quite obviously, take more time to heal. I really like the color on the bottom though and if the top turns out that hue I’ll be pretty happy. BUT I still think that my nipple needs more color.

What’s a little scary is that I find myself looking at photos of breasts and trying to figure out if my color needs to be darker. It’s been almost three years since I had nipples and areolae. Even when I DID have them, they were ALMOST as pale as the rest of my skin. So I’m basically designing my own body as I go along.

Even in tragedy, I still find the sweet spot.

The second photo shows one small area along the bottom that is deeply scabbed. But as Hubby reminded me, the nurse AND Doc. Elliott both said it would take about two months to heal.

Comparing the two photos I can definitely see spots that need touched up. The left nipple especially. I’d like to darken both of them so they look a bit more like real nips.

Right nipple/areola after partial scab flaking

As far as my nipples themselves, if the left doesn’t contract any more than this, I’d like to have a little injectable filler or fat for the right nipple to raise it up just a bit more.

Maybe I’ll actually be fully finished in time for my 3 year anniversary.

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