My Areola Tattoos Suck 2

24 Aug

After yesterday’s post I realized that I was in error to an extent. Where the pigment is flaking off, there is more pigment underneath. It’s as though the flaking bits are a scab. So while I WILL need some touch up work I can say that I spoke out of turn before the final result was in.

This is what happens, however, when the process isn’t completely explained. What I was TOLD is that if it peels or flakes, the pigment will come off of the skin. That isn’t what is happening here. There IS pigment in the skin. While the skin heals there is another layer over the top that seems to be protecting the skin while it heals underneath. When all of the, for want of a better word, scabbing, falls off then I will have areolae like other women.

But, even with this part now understood, I can still see places where there will need to be some touch up.

The healing process is SO bloody frustrating. I know I keep repeating myself but it is true that i just want to be done and over with. But I’m not there yet and THAT, dear reader, is what TRULY sucks.

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