20 Aug

I now understand why the RN who did my medical tattooing stressed so much to keep my newly tattooed areolae and nipples moist. Yesterday I changed the gauze and even though there was a great deal of petroleum jelly on the area, the slightest bit of friction caused some of the tattoed scar tissue to start bleeding.

It was just very minor bleeding but it was still very disheartening. And I know that I just had it done Monday so i shouldn’t expect miracles. Really I shouldn’t expect ANYTHING right now. It’s just depressing being back at the healing stage again. Granted this isn’t the big, doped-to-the-gills type of healing. But it DOES still involve gauze and surgical tape and daily bandage changes. I think that’s the part that depresses me the most.

Fortunately I only have to do this for four more days. Once I take the last bandage off on Monday night, that’s it for tape and gauze. Then I’ll be able to take some updated pics. I’m trying not to jump to any conclusions becaust it’s too early to tell anything. But the scar lines look like they may have taken more of the pigment than the unscarred areas. As usual, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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