Issue 29 of Real People

19 Aug

Several months ago I was contacted by a woman who had stumbled across this blog. She was interested in taking the story I have been telling here to a wider audience. She writes for a magazine in the UK called “Real People”. While this isn’t the type of magazine I would have chosen to premier my story in beyond my usual readership, I was happy to have the chance to spread my tale. After all this blog has always been about making information available to people who may have been put in an unfortunate position by their plastic surgeon.

Because Real People IS a magazine, my story was embellished by my co-author for dramatic effect. As if it isn’t dramatic enough on it’s own. My co-author and I butted heads on that quite a number of times. But the important thing is that my story got out there to more people.

For those of you in the UK who would like to see it first hand, pick up issue 29. There should still be some copies out there somewhere. I just received mine in the mail this afternoon. It has a few photos that I haven’t put up on the site because I didn’t feel it was necessary. It also has photos of me and my boys when they were little.

If you find a copy. email me and tell me what you think.

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