No Day But Today

16 Aug

Fellow Rent Heads will recognize the title to today’s post. This afternoon at 3:00 I’m getting the tattooing done. I have to admit that I am actually a little apprehensive.

How will the tattooist cover the scars? The ones from the nipple reconstruction are still really red. Not the infected type of red but the new-scar-tissue type of red. And will she be able to make the areolae and nipple area look natural? It has been SO long since I’ve had the above, I don’t even know what it will look like.

I’m also debating because I have seen pics of areolae tattooing and it’s all round and perfect. Not that it shouldn’t be perfect. I’m just not so sure that round is the way to go. I’m thinking about an oval shape, but I’m just not sure. That’s something else I’ll have to talk to the tattooist about tomorrow afternoon.

As always I will let you all know what happens and how it goes. I will also post photos of the process and the results.

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