Same Old Song – Different Dance

13 Aug

I was doing housework recently trying to clean up the bedroom some. Since we’ve been traveling so much lately it looks like a bomb went off. I really didn’t think I had done that much but when I went to get up, it hurt SO bad I screamed. I’m not sure if it was muscle spasms or overuse or what exactly happened. I just know that I REALLY messed myself up.

It’s been a little while since I’ve had problems with my back to that extent. Though I have read that back problems can persist for the rest of my life because of the latissimus flap breast reconstruction.

I have been told a couple times by Dr. Elliott’s people that exercise will help with back problems. I’m confused though because I really didn’t do much. I MIGHT have spent 15 minutes carting lightweight stuff back and forth to the trash. I didn’t DO that much. But it is completely possible that i turned wrong or something like that.

I spent a couple days icing the area and the pain abated. Since then I’ve been more active and while my entire body is sore from my hair to my toenails, I haven’t had the back issue crop up again. So from an anecdotal point of view I can say that exercise is helping. I just have to listen to my body and take breaks that are a little bit longer than I used to take before the surgery.

How did I figure this out? As part of the traveling, we went out Washington sate to visit our youngest son. We spent a few days out there having fun and hanging out. Then, because Ken, my hubby, had never been, we went to Disneyland. I was fine in Washington. Everyone was very aware and conscious of my back issues.

In Disneyland, however, my inner eight year old said “Screw you! I’m doing This! And This! And this TOO!!!”. At one point my body just cratered. But after some extra strength Tylenol, a glass of wine and dinner, I was ready to roll again. I was SO ready to roll that after seeing World of Color (which you MUST go see if you possibly can),which is a 30 minute standing show at California Adventure, we went back to Disneyland. I had a package to pick up from my shopping earlier that day. Unfortunately at that point it was Ken’s turn to crater. So I left him on a bench by the entrance, went down to Le Bat in Port Orleans to pick up my package and came back up to Main Street. Mind you, this was all after being at Disneyland since 10am. I achieved a 13 hour day that day. That’s the most endurance I’ve had in probably two years.

I think this endurance was mostly fueled by Disney Mania. I AM a verfied Disney junkie after all. Whatever it was, I’m getting back to normal. I probably coddled myself too long so it’s time that I start doing more. I’ve proven to myself that I am physically able. I just have to actually DO it now.

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