Eleven Weeks

02 Aug

On the 17th I am having medical tattooing done and I’m going to be traveling for the next two weeks so this will be the only real chance I have to update you all on my healing process.

I’m a pretty irked and disappointed that my right nipple seems to have almost completely deflated to the point where it is nearly non-existent. You can see that plainly in the picture below.

It just looks like a mostly flattened little button. Now  as you can see below, the left nipple still has a great deal more projection. It has deflated by about 1/2 at this point.

You can see the difference plainly in projection. Needless to say, I’m ticked and when I see Dr. Elliott on the 17th I’m going to tell him as much. After all the discussion we had and after all the reassurance he gave me that it doesn’t happen the way I had read that it did, I expect him to do something about it. A little fat injection once the tattooing has healed, or even right before the tattooing, would be a happy thing.

After all it’s easy enough to take a needle, suck out some abdominal fat and shove it in there. There’s a big enough pocket in there to do that. At least it seems that way as flaccid as that little bit of skin is.

Finally, below we have a shot of both breasts with my nipples. As you can see, there is some minor keloid scarring where the flap was inserted. You can also see how vivid the scarring still is where both nipples were created. I’m hoping the tattooist can cover up the scars sufficiently when she tattoos my new areolae.

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