01 Jul

I had thought I was doing better emotionally. Turns out I was, to some extent, in denial.

For the last few weeks I have been working in conjunction with a freelance writer in the UK on a magazine article based on the experiences I have gone through in this blog. As part of the article, I have been gathering up photos from throughout my life. One of the photos requested by their photo editor was of my breasts prior to surgery.

The only ones I know of are at the HiQ’s office.

First I thought I’d just drive over and pick them up. Then I realized that if I actually SAW the HiQ, I would probably be in jail for assault and someone would have to pull me off of him. The anger and rage is still palpable. Then I had the idea of emailing the office. I figured that was a stress-free approach to the situation.

Wrong again. The minute I saw this office website, I started tearing up. By the time I was done with the email asking for all the photos involved in my BA and Lift, tears were slipping down my cheeks. Even now I feel like I’m going to throw up. I’m STILL beyond furious at his ineptness in handling my necrosis. How the HELL does someone practice plastic surgery for 15 years and then claim to have “never seen anything like it” before?? Bastard.

So, yeah. Fun morning.

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