Ta Ta Tuesdays Are Back

11 Jun

Last year after my mound reconstruction I started a project I call Ta Ta Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I put up an artistic shot of the Twins as my Twitter icon. It was SO empowering and uplifting. It made me feel good about myself. After about six weeks i stopped because I ran out of time and then life got in the way.

I want to give you the opportunity to feel the way I did: Excited, emboldened and downright giddy.

Starting June 15, I am starting Ta Ta Tuesdays again. This time the project has its own website ( This is NOT a porn site. The goal is to empower women who may have lost their breasts to disease or, like myself, botched plastic surgery. If you don’t think your Twins are good enough then YOU are just who Ta Ta Tuesdays is for!

This is about using what you have, even if you are pre-reconstruction, to be creative and inventive. Join us and let yourself feel good again.

Ta Ta Tuesdays is completely anonymous. No one will know who you are because no faces are allowed.

Your photos will not be sold or distributed. Ever.

And, if Ta Ta Tuesdays becomes popular enough, we will start holding a weekly contest for Best Ta Tas in that wee’s theme.

So go check out http://tatatuesdays for details. This week’s theme is already up and we’re ready to accept photos.

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