Nipple Doughnut

02 Jun

Last week I talked about the new bandaging arrangement I have going on. To refresh your memory, I have a bunch of 4×4 non-sterile gauze pads. Every day I cut small holes in the center of them by folding them in half and cutting a semi-circle in the middle. I do this with eight of the gauze pads – four for each new nip.

Those pads are placed, one at a time, over each nipple. Then a fifth gauze pad, sans hole, is placed over the top and the whole thing is taped to my breast.

I had not taken a photo of that arrangement and I’ve only got to do that for one more day before I’m free of bandages.

So here it is folks: The Nipple Doughnut:

It looks kind of like a naked mole rat peeking out of a snow bank, doesn’t it?

And for those not familiar, follow the link to a pic of a naked mole rat.

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