Nipple Photos

27 May

It is ten days after my nipple reconstruction. I had my follow up with Dr. Elliott this afternoon. According to both him AND his nurse, everything looks great. My right nipple is already starting to contract as you will see in the photos below. They may look a little icky but considering they’re only 10 days old, they’re not bad at all.

Dr Elliott is SO happy with them that he doesn’t want to see me again for two months. He said give them that long to heal and contract. Then I’ll have the tattooing done on August 16th and I will FINALLY be done with this process. Finally.

The first photo below is the right nipple. The purple is the pen used to draw the diagram that you saw in the nipple reconstruction video. The black flecks are stitches. Those will dissolve in the next week or two. The other black substance is scabbing. The dark stuff around the base of the nipples is surgical tape to support the sutures. That has since been removed.

The second photo is my left nipple. It is contracting much more slowly. It still looks kind of like a little top hat. At least from my perspective looking down from above that’s what it looks like.

Finally, there is a photo of both.

I will be posting regular updates as they heal.

As far as aftercare goes, I can now shower. I just have to be careful. For the next week, we bend five 4×4 non-sterile gauze pads in half and cut a semi-circle so that there is a hole in the middle. Those gauze pads then get settled over each nipple so that the gauze surrounds the nipples, rather like a gauze doughnut with a nipple filling. Those pads are then secured with tape.

After a week I can go with just a bra. A week after that, I can go braless.

In my next post I’m going to talk about how I feel about all of this. It’s not what you might think.


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