Nipple Reconstruction Bandages

24 May

I know I’ve been over this, but I found another photo of the bandages.

It’s a different angle so you have a better view. As with the other shot you can see where the gauze is and the dark spot where there is a little bit of drainage.

On Wednesday afternoon I will have actual photos of my new nipples. Since we are headed to Balticon in Baltimore, MD, I’m not sure when I’ll get to upload the photos. I’ll have them available along with a progress report as soon as I possibly can.

I was pretty loopy when I was getting bandaged up so it wasn’t until right now that I remembered that Patti put in a big scoop of what looked like Triple Antibiotic Ointment into the hole in the gauze. So I’m thinking what looks like drainage is probably just antibac ointment.

I was concerned the morning after so we went in and were seen by a couple of the nurses. We were told that the gauze would have to be much more saturated and the circumference of drainage staining would have to be much bigger for there to be a reason to be concerned.

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