Aftercare For New Nipples

21 May

I don’t really get why I’m so tired. I’m just exhausted. I slept until noon and it’s 5pm. I want to crawl into bed and sleep for another few hours. My chest also aches. I don’t have any steady pain but the couple times I’ve had it, it felt like someone was scooping out my breast with an ice cream scoop. Fortunately that sensation, while very intense, was brief, lasting only a few seconds.

In order to protect the newly created nipples, Patti took a thick stack of sterile gauze, cut a hole in the middle and settled the stack around the new nip. Then, over the top of the stack, she set another, thinner stack of gauze. In order to hold it all in place, on each side she used wide sheets of 3M Medipore Dress-It covers. Double the length of the ones in the link and you’ll get an idea of what is covering the gauze.

Below is a photo of what the whole thing looks like. You can see where the gauze is through the medipore. According to Patti, the medipore makes a great strapless bra. It’s getting it off that’s the painful part. If I have to, I’ll bring my own bottle of Tape release when I

get the dressings changed on Wednesday.

As far as aftercare goes. The big thing is DON’T GET THEM WET. No shower. No bath. No pool. No problem.

It has been stressed to me repeatedly by Patti, Dr. Elliott AND Suzanne that these new nipples are extremely delicate for the first few weeks. The scab formation is an important part of the process. So I’m treating them with the utmost care.

No lifting anything over 5lbs or a gallon of milk. And rest, which I haven’t exactly been doing.

The other big thing is to make sure that the center gauze does not get compressed at all. So I haven’t been able to hug anyone. For obvious reasons. Poor Ken is feeling neglected because of that.

Those dressings are supposed to be changed on Monday. Personally I don’t see the point in changing them on Monday when I’m going to see Dr. Elliott on Wednesday afternoon. He’ll just have them changed on Wednesday again anyway. It seems not only wasteful but more painful than it needs to be. I’m just going to wait on the dressing change.

Once the dressings are off I’ll have photos taken of the new nips and their healing process.

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One response to “Aftercare For New Nipples

  1. luupanache

    May 22, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    hi, boobcast,
    you don’t do things by half measures, l was looking back on your blog and relate to febuary comments about your thoughts about necrosis and why you did not tell your husband , also may l say you are one strong lady, you made me smile even after taking medication to sedate you, you were there till the end talking about your procedure, l take my hat off to you, l am strong minded but like you have silent emotional moments when l look in the mirror l feel a bit freaky but l know after your email l will get there to, l wish you all the best and l will keep you informed now you must rest with the new nipples, have some me time you deserve it,
    all the best,


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