My Nipple Reconstruction Surgery

18 May

Monday morning I got up at 7:15 and got ready to head to Dr. Elliott’s office in Dunwoody. I was surprisingly calm considering I had a meltdown the night before (See Valium and Terror). at 7:30 I woke Ken up so he could get ready and at 7:45 I took the first 5 mg dose of Valium. Within 15 minutes I felt very relaxed and calm.  Just to be safe though, I ate a single piece of wheat toast to keep my stomach from being upset by the aforementioned Valium. By the time we left at 8, I was mellow.

Valium didn’t work as well as the Happy Juice they give you before surgery. THAT stuff is the equivalent of Robin Williams famous “Fuckital”. But it DID keep me from flipping out because the traffic on Medlock Bridge was terrible. We were 15 minutes late by the time we got there. Funny coincidence though that we got there the same time as Dr. Elliott.

After we walked in with him, I headed for the restroom, took care of business and took the second Valium as instructed. The first was still doing what it was supposed to. The second was to nudge me further down the path to what Dr. Elliott referred to as “The Twilight Zone” <cue music>.

I was called back about 5 minutes later and Ken came with me. We were escorted to a large exam room. I was asked the basic allergy questions and asked to strip from the waist up. Of course there was the little paper vest to put on for modesty sake. So I did as I was asked and then took a seat in the big cream colored exam chair.

There were no arms and nothing to strap me down to. Ken was quick to point that out. By then the second Valium was really starting to hit. It wasn’t long after that Dr. Elliott and Patti came in. He did a few measurements and marked where my new nipples would go. Then he asked me to lay back and I was reclined.

Somewhere in there Ken asked if someone could video the procedure. He was told there wasn’t anyone available. So he stayed and took video of the right side being done. Since both sides were the same, there wasn’t a need to tape both. I’m so proud of him. He didn’t get queasy or throw up even once.

The video has to be spliced together so it won’t be up for another day or two. But I DO have video of the procedure.

Once I was reclined, Patti injected my right breast with local anesthetic. Then she and Dr. Elliott left the room. Between the injection and their return I think that was the longest 10 minutes of my life. Even as stoned as I was, I just wanted to get going so I could be done with it.

I remember some tugging and pulling. During the right side, Dr. Elliott did a running commentary which you will hear on the video. I don’t remember much of it. Before I knew it, the right was done and they moved on to the left. By the time he was about 2/3 done with the left, I was starting to be pretty coherent. I felt absolutely no pain though. Just some odd sensation now and again. While I was coming around at the end we were actually talking about the different types of nerve receptors and how, when it comes down to it, all neural messages are chemical. I’ll talk about the biology of nerve cells in a later entry.

I am traveling tomorrow but when I can, I’ll talk about the appearance of my new nipples and the specific aftercare.

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