My Nipples pt 1

03 May

I know you all have been waiting with baited breath (eewwww…bait breath 😉 for the date of my nipple reconstruction. It’s coming up much faster than I thought it was going to.

And also much slower.

I was hoping for early May. Unfortunately Dr. Elliott didn’t have any openings until later. So I had to make accommodations for his schedule. Fortunately there is enough time between the procedure and BaltiCon for me to recuperate. At least I hope I’ll be recuperated enough by the time our first Con of the season comes around.

The date is…(drum roll please)…May 17th.

I have agreed to have local anesthetic injected into the sites and the procedure will be done right there in the office. Since it’s not an invasive process and I’m choosing not to be knocked out, I’ll have new nipples in about 30 – 45 minutes.

Yes I’m scared of being awake. But that’s what the Valium is for. His nurse, Patti, already gave me the prescription. I’m to take one an hour before surgery. If I’m still nervous or jittery 30 minutes before, I’m to take another one. The Valium is going to act (hopefully) the same way the I Don’t Care juice did before the major reconstruction surgery. I’ve taken Valium before when I was younger and it should do it’s job.

A part of me wants to watch the surgery. Mainly this is so I can report back about how it was done. Really I wish I could video tape it but I’m guessing I just won’t be able to do that. The reason they’ll probably give is that the operating room is a sterile environment. You probably can’t sterilize a video camera. Also, who could I get to do it?? My poor hubby might throw up. Or worse, pass out. I might be able to ask one of the nurses to do it. I’m just going to have to call and ask tomorrow or Tuesday.

The advantages to using local anesthetic is that I won’t have a long recovery time. I can be in and out in about an hour. The cost is also greatly reduced. We won’t have to pay the cost of an anesthetist. I can also just get right up afterward and walk out. How weird is that? I’d say that it’s no worse than a visit to the dentist but I have an extreme phobia of dentists sooo…bad example.

Dr. Elliott assured me that it was like having a mole taken off or a cavity filled. Neither of these are experiences I have had. However, hubby had a mole removed and it seemed like a relatively easy process. He even drove home afterward. I won’t be able to drive because of the Valium but it’s supposed to be just that simple.

Aside from the nervousness over being awake, my biggest fear is that I’ll have a flashback to when the necrotic tissue was debrided after the very first surgery. Dr. Elliott says I may feel some tugging. I just hope that the Valium does a good enough job so that I don’t lapse back to that horrific day.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about the actual reconstruction process that will be used and why new nipples shrink.

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  1. seolace

    May 6, 2010 at 4:47 am

    Nice post, thanks for writing!


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