My One Year Checkup

01 May

As expected, my one year check up with Dr. Elliott went swimmingly. He had no real criticisms other than he thinks that my right breast is a bit bigger than my left. Most women have one breast bigger than the other, so that’s no big deal.

They’re also a bit ponderous. But that makes them look more natural. I’m 43 after all. They’re not SUPPOSED to be perky. But then I have no idea how a DDD cup could possibly be perky. They’re just too big for that particular adjective.

He mentioned the possibility of evening my breasts out by taking some of the tissue out of the right one. I said no. Again, to my mind, those slight imperfections ake them look natural.

I didn’t bring up the squarishness thing. It’s extremely mild and only visible from certain angles. Even then you have to be looking for it. So it’s a non-issue.

Dr. Elliott made me smile. He was amazed at his own handiwork, marveling at how much tissue there was that was migrated and how big the Twins are. You gotta smile at any doctor who, a year later, is amazed at his own work. I’m betting that once I’m completely done, the Twins are going into his portfolio.

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