The Great Nipple Debate Continues

18 Apr

As my regular readers know, I have been going back and forth about nipple reconstruction for this past year. Most of my worries have been based in fear. I realized a few days ago what another concern is.

I have these great breasts that are already a little droopy. I’m concerned that the nipple placement will make them look even droopier. If that happens, I’ll be back at square one with nipples that point at the ground.

Logic tells me that Dr. Elliott wouldn’t do that to me. He knows what I’ve been through. But because I want everyone going through this (or someone who might know someone going through this) to see that they are not alone in their feelings, whatever those may be, I’m writing it all down and sharing my fears and concerns with you.

I’ll know more when I see him for my one year-ish check up around the end of this month. That’s when I’ll talk to him more about what type of flap reconstruction he wants to do, what, if any revisions can be done to deal with the squarish shape of my breasts and placement of my new nipples.

As usual, I’ll report back when I learn more.


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