Going Topless – The Double Standard

17 Apr

A friend sent me an article about a group of women who marched topless in Portland on April 3rd. Why, you ask? To protest the double standard that allows men to walk around shirtless while women are forced under penalty of law to keep covered.

I understand better now just how breast-centric American society is. That became pretty obvious when I read some of the comments to the above article. What angers me is the level of apathy, ignorance, bigotry and just plain stupidity cloaked as humor in those comments.

The point of the protest was to bring awareness of the double standard that exists. Men can go topless exposing their nipples which are genitalia. Any man who has had his nipples simulated during sex knows this. Yet women, because men supposedly can’t control themselves, are legally made to stay covered. What’s the difference between that and Muslim women who are made to stay covered?

One of the best lines ever written in one of my favorite web comics, Jesus and Mo, is “Thank you for not provoking my uncontrollable lust.”. In that particular issue Mo (Mohamed) talks about how women are responsible for a mans inability to control his own sexual urges.

It’s not just comments from men, either. One woman actually wrote “What did they expect?” when an organizer was angry about being oogled. From a certain perspective I can understand her response.  But from another, that’s the same sort of mentality that rape victims got in the past when they dressed in a provocative manner. “What did she expect?”.

THAT pisses me off to no end. It’s that level of ignorance that keeps women from being completely equal to men. When our own gender spouts that level of ignorance I have to wonder just how much progress we’ve actually made.


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2 responses to “Going Topless – The Double Standard

  1. Myk

    April 17, 2010 at 4:40 am

    Ogling is pretty much to be expected, isn’t it? At least until women going topless is so commonplace that no one cares any more.

  2. FledgelingSkeptic

    April 17, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Yes, you’re right. There will probably be much oogling until it becomes commonplace and breasts become less sexualized.

    I just don’t think the organizers expected that level of oggling though. I think they had it set in their minds that their goal was to fight a double standard by being topless. Not recognizing that men with cameras could show up was short sighted.


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