Breast Necrosis Pics

09 Apr

As a countdown to my one year breast reconstruction anniversary I’m going to be doing a series of retrospective and analytical posts. This first is simply referring back to my Breast Necrosis Photos article. I’ve done a Google search for the term “breast necrosis pics” and my article doesn’t come up under those search terms.

I’m adding this article so that anyone looking for the aforementioned Breast Necrosis Photos will be able to find those images using the search terms in the title. So please click either one of the above links to access those images.

For the finale piece on April 16th I will be posting new photos of what the Twins look like one year after reconstruction. I’ll also be adding photos of the scars on my back since that is the donor site.

I’ll also be talking in depth about the surgery itself, my mental and emotional healing process and a few other tidbits. So stay tuned!


One response to “Breast Necrosis Pics

  1. Gary

    April 9, 2010 at 1:47 am

    Yay! Fantastic. This is what I want to hear 🙂


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