Flashing In The French Quarter

07 Apr

This weekend I did what I’ve been wanting to do for two years. I EARNED beads in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

For those of you not familiar, the French Quarter is where the call of “Show your tits” is heard nearly as frequently as “Throw me somethin’ mister!”. It is the home of Mardi Gras and a place where you can walk down the street with a beer or something else alcoholic in hand and no one cares because french law still applies there.

How did I “earn” beads, you ask? I flashed. Yes, I flashed.  I exposed the Twins to about 100 people if you count everyone on all the balconies that I flashed up to. I did it more than once to see if anyone would notice that something is missing.

What STILL amazes me is that not once did I get “What the HELL happened to you??” as I was expecting. My regular readers know that I have not had nipple reconstruction yet. I also still have fairly visible scars where the latissimus flap muscle/skin/fat was inserted. So of course I thought that at least ONE person would say something or ask a question. Apparently I was wrong.

The closest I got to a comment was a woman who yelled “Thank you!” after I flashed.  Now maybe from up on the balcony at night no one could see that I have no nipples. That doesn’t explain why there was no reaction from the one small group on street level that I flashed.

Below is a photo of my bead acquisitions from that one night. Not all of those were gotten from flashing. Some people were just throwing beads to have fun throwing them. So you CAN get beads without flashing for them.


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