Questions About Plastic Surgery

26 Mar

One of my readers had some questions. So to help her and and anyone else who might want these questions answered, here we go!

Question #1) I want to know what you found that scared the hell out of you. – What scared the hell out of me is that even saline implants aren’t safe. MANY women have had symptoms similar to fibromyalgia with these implants. Some doctors think that the silicone shell is a contributing factor to these symptoms.

Here is one website that talks, in anecdotal terms, about possible complications from saline implants. \”Could Breast Implants Make You Sick?\”

Question 2) I want to hear about breast implants and failure rates:. Currently there are two types of breast implants on the market that are commonly used. One is the silicone implant. It is a textures or untextured silicone outer shell that holds silicone gel. The gel is what gives it the supposed breast-like feel. Though I have heard that while silicone implants have a better appearance, groping them is still like groping a bag full of something. They are reportedly harder than breast tissue. Though no studies have found any links to illness and the gel, there are thousands of women who blame that gel for their illnesses.

The other type of implant is the saline implant. This is the type I have personal experience with. The shell, again, this is a silicone shell, is textures and the implants are filled with sterile saline solution. These feel like having a water balloon shoved into your chest. If you poke them, you can HEAR the saline solution sloshing around.

As for failure rates, approximately 70% of all women who have a breast augmentation will have to have some form of revision surgery. This is not a one-time surgery for most women. Here is a list of possible complications: Breast Augmentation Complications
Question 3) How Can I Tell If A Plastic Surgeon Is Good? There are a few rules. First, make sure he or she is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Sadly, ANY surgeon can perform plastic surgery without ever having taken a course in that specialty.

Second, interview them. There are 11 important questions to ask them. This article talks about them 11_questions.htm

Ask for multiple references. Talk to the references about the doctor. Ask about his or her bedside manner, the pre- and post- surgical experience and how accessible the surgeon was after surgery.

Ask to look at photos of the surgeon’s work. You may not like their technique.

Plastic surgery is an art form. Your surgeon should be as much an artist as a medical practitioner.

My most important piece of advice is this: Think long and hard about this before you do it. Why do you want this surgery? Once you do it, you will NEVER be the same. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes it isn’t. Even if it goes well, there may be permanent nerve damage. You may have numb spots. Your nipples may lose sensation. And there will always be scars.

Think long and hard before you make your decision.


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