Exposing Myself

28 Feb

I’ve tried to keep this blog as honest as I can. I don’t edit the content or the tone of my posts so that you, dear reader, might grasp the full scope of the things that have happened to me. It took a VERY long time but I finally had the courage to post the necrosis photos. If you read that post, you know that when it first started happening, I couldn’t find a single photographic resource of what breast necrosis looked like. Now if someone googles “breast necrosis photos”, mine is the first result that comes up.

I’m doing additional research right now. It appears, so far, that breast necrosis might be a more rare complication that I initially thought. I still have some more research to do. But it’s going to have to be delayed for a bit.

I have another project that I’m working on. I’m giving a talk at DragonCon this year in the SkepicTrack called “Skepticism In Daily Life”. Unfortunately my BoobCast research, especially new information I’m researching concerning complications related to saline implants, is a major distraction from this other obligation.

I am not, by any means, abandoning BoobCast. I’ve got huge plans that involve a possible podcast, a stage show and eventually, once I’m healed up from nipple reconstruction and tattooing, a book.

In the mean time, things might get a little sketchy and installments here might drop off a little bit. But please do keep reading. I’m not really going anywhere.

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