Research Continues

25 Feb

I never received a call back from either the American Society of Plastic Surgeons OR the Board of Plastic Surgeons. I’ve left two messages and I guess they just can’t be bothered. So I’m going to the public sector to do my research since these people cannot be bothered to speak to a small time blogger like myself.

I have found a few places that I will mention soon once I have established contact. I need to verify things like time frame of available statistics, types of complications, if fault was established for either implant failure or failed surgical technique.

As always dear reader i will be keeping you up to date.

I may have found a niche for BoobCast The Podcast and that might be going forward later this year after all.

Implant safety is still a pretty major issue, it seems.

I also remembered something I don’t know if I ever mentioned when I was going through all this hell. For the few weeks I had the implants in, I had a rash across my chest and cleavage. The doctor chalked it up to an allergic reaction to the antibiotics I had taken. The odd thing is, after the implants were out, the rash went away in a couple days. I had saline implants but the outer shell was textured silicone.

I know that correlation does not equal causation though. So just because I had a rash, that could have been caused by something else in my environment. I just don’t know.

With some of the symptoms I’ve read from women who have had silicone implants, I do have to wonder if I wasn’t having a problem with the implants along with everything else that happened.


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