Sports Bra Shopping

18 Feb

As you know, Dear Reader, this is my second week doing the Couch To 5K running program. Last week and Monday I was stuck in a sports bra that was  way, WAY too small for The Twins. I also didn’t have any decent running clothes. That second part is not really a big deal. At my chest size (DDD or E cup) a good sports bra is a must. Mainly so i don’t beat myself to death with The Twins.

Yesterday DH and I went to Sports Authority. While I DID find some great, really breathable, jogging pants, the bra hunt was an Epic Fail. The largest size they carried was an XL or a 38 DD. I understand that women who are already in shape generally don’t go much higher than a D cup or a 38 inch band. I also understand that they have to cater to the largest denomination in order to turn a profit.

It’s just really rather disheartening to shop for women’s athletic clothes when you’re this chesty. And let’s face it, being overweight doesn’t help much either. I can definitely relate to Kevin Smith’s current conundrum with Southwest Airlines. We fluffy girls still fit. It’s the world that doesn’t quite see it that way.

The clerk (who was as big around as my right thigh) suggested I go over to the lingerie shop at the mall across the street. I was heartened to see that the woman there was about my size. She had several sports bras for me to try on. I finally found a 42DD that fits me like a glove. Today when I went running, The Twins stayed in place beautifully and I didn’t have a single problem.

The cost for this wonderful piece of engineering was $64.99. I know…a gasp-worthy price for one sports bra. BUT, please refer to the article I wrote on sports bras last week. A well-engineered sports bra can prevent injuries, tendon damage and bruising. So I’m looking at it as a good investment.


3 responses to “Sports Bra Shopping

  1. Jessica

    March 20, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    I came across your blog because your 3/17/10 post was a ‘suggested related post’ to one of my posts. I’m 34F sans boob job, but I can definitely relate to your problem finding sports bras and paying for them! I’ve spent over $100 on normal bras. Luckily, I’ve been able to find good sports bras in the $60 range. I prefer Shock Absorber. You can find them on eBay for cheaper as well.

  2. kimberly bogard

    March 27, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    AI had a double. Masyectomy. Had. Expander s put. I. Had. Mrsa. In the left breast had expander. Taken. Out. What size implant. Can be put. In


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