Boobie Bounce

11 Feb

Today we’re talking about sports bras. No matter what your cup size, a good sports bra is key when working out. A well-fitting sports bra will help prevent pain and even chest ligament damage.

Many women think that if they are an A or small B cup, a regular bra will work just as well. This is simply not true. “Ordinary bras can stop the bouncing but the new study by University of Portsmouth scientist Dr Joanna Scurr shows that breasts also move side-to-side and in and out and estimates are that more than 50 percent of women experience breast pain when exercising, regardless of cup size.” according to this article bouncing_breasts_bring_on_science_challenge

Sports bras are specially engineered to reduce movement, Not only do they keep breasts from bouncing up and down too much, they also reduce the side to side movement. Breasts have very limited support that comes from the body. The Twins can hurt for three main reasons: tenderness during the menstrual cycle; permanent breast pain, and exercise-related pain due to stretching of the breast tissue.

How do I know if my sports bra fits right? This article will give you the basics for finding just the right sports bra for your activity sports_bra.php

No matter whether you’re lifting weights, doing yoga or running a marathon, having the right sports bra will make those activities so much more comfortable.


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