C25K-Day 2

10 Feb

Today was my second day taking on the goal of running 5K in 9 weeks. I’m still really sure that I will be repeating the first week for one or two weeks. The important thing is that I am actually moving.

Report: YES!!! I did it!! The last time the program chimed to cue a run i only managed about 15 seconds out of the 60, BUT I kept walking until after the program ran itself out!! WOOHOO!!

I came to the conclusion that running, and for me I use that term VERY loosely, is a sport in which you compete against yourself. The goal is to do better or the same every time you run. If I tried to compete against someone who was already a runner, or even a week further along in the program, I would feel like a failure. But I’m not. I’m competing against myself.

Today, I won.

Friday I’ll probably make it all the way through. I am SO going to repeat this week though. Maybe three times. But what matters is that each time I get better and faster.


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