05 Feb

In the recent post “Rub Me The Right Way”, i got some misunderstandings cleared up about what adhesions are and aren’t. Patti, the RN at Dr. Franklyn Elliott’s office in Atlanta, answered some questions for me. For those not aware, Dr. Elliott of Atlanta Plastic Surgery, is my most excellent surgeon who created the Twins from the wreckage that was my chest.

Patti explained that what I have in that place on my back that feels really tight is actually scar tissue. She said the best way to break that up was stretching and exercise. So this afternoon I decided to try stretching on our big white yoga ball.

I sat on it, bent my knees and gently rolled so that I was laying with my back arched across it. My muscles screamed at me from the stretching and I made myself hold the position.

After the initial muscle pain died down, I started mentally probing for the sharp pain that came from stretching the scar tissue.

There was none.

So I tried turning over on my stomach and stretching that way.

More muscle ache ensued but still no sharp pain from pulling scar tissue.

Since that wasn’t working, I tested out stretching on both my right and left sides. Still nothing.

I have come to the conclusion that there is a Ball FAIL here. So in the next few days I’ll try using the Wii Fit and see if any of the yoga positions (the ones I can manage) do anything to stretch out the scar tissue.


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