Rub Me The Right Way

03 Feb

Today we’re discussing ways to break up scar tissue adhesions.

Since the first day after surgery my back has felt tight, as though I were squeezed into a proper corset. For those not familiar with corseting, it is an undergarment from the Elizabethan era worn on the torso that uses boning to give a more shapely figure. The boning then was whale bone because of it’s strength. Today the whale bone has been replaced by plastic. But for some diehards, there is steel boning.

At one point in my life I was the half owner of a web based Renaissance fashion company. I traveled all over the south east dressed in Elizabethan finery to promote the company. So I know what it’s like to be corseted.

The last time I spoke to someone about this, it was a massage therapist client in southern Georgia. He suggested that the reason I still feel like that is because the scar tissues has adhered, or grown on to, the fascia layer of skin. Thus the term “adhesions”.

According to Patti Bergley, the nurse at Dr. Elliot’s office, I do NOT have adhesions. Adhesions refer mostly to bowel tissue adhering to the abdominal wall. I just have scar tissue. The scar tissue is tight and will, according to Patti, soften over time. What will HELP with that is exercise and stretching.

I told her that when I stretch it feels like things are tearing in my back. She said that was a good thing. Stretching and exercise will actually do more to increase flexibility than cross fiber friction massage. From a medical standpoint, all massage will do is soften the scar tissue.

I have an exercise ball. You know…those big rubber balls with the 2 foot circumference that you lean back on. So I’m going to start using that and see if it does any good.

As usual, I will report back.


One response to “Rub Me The Right Way

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