Octomom’s Plastic Surgery Denials

30 Jan

Yes, she’s in the news again. Whatever you may think of her, Nadya Suleman is still hot button for lots of people. Recently she’s been in the news yet again. This time Suleman is claiming that she lost 130 lbs simply by diet and exercise. Her new photos in The Star show a slender form but if you’ll look closely here , there isn’t the kind of muscle definition that normally comes from a high protein diet and regular workouts.

Close inspection of the photo also reveals a belly button that has been stretched vertically. When a tummy tuck is done, the skin is separated from the muscle layer, then pulled down towards the feet. The excess skin is trimmed off and a new belly button is cut.

Something else that might raise eyebrows is that, in that bikini photo, there is not a single stretch mark to be seen. If you’ll look at the photo of her hugely distended belly before she gave birth, you can plainly see the stretch marks As any woman who has given birth knows, stretch marks do not magically disappear. Without some form of cosmetic surgery, they remain for the rest of a woman’s life.

With all this evidence, along with her previous denials regarding getting plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie, Suleman is on shaky ground. Cosmetic surgery has enough of a social stigma as it is. When a woman continually denies having work done, that denial enforces the idea that plastic surgery is bad and should be kept in the closet.

These kinds of denials not only confirm the notion that plastic surgery is bad but it forces people like myself who have suffered at the hands of inept surgeons deeper into the plastic surgery closet. What is the plastic surgery closet? It is the place that so many women feel forced to be when things go wrong with their own cosmetic procedures. When that happens, women feel they need to stay silent about the issue. Many even feel, as does a portion of the public, that they “deserve what they got”.

Botched cosmetic surgery is in the same place that breast cancer was 40 years ago. If something goes wrong, as difficult as it is, we need to talk about it. When it goes wrong, it’s a very lonely and scary place to be. There are no support groups for this, there is very little information because people are so ashamed.

It’s time to speak out. So right here and right now I am challenging Octomom to fess up. come on Nadya, we KNOW you’re lying so tell us the truth. Just admit it. To keep up this facade is hurting other women who look at you, berate themselves and wonder why they can’t be a “rubber band” like you.


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