Out The Door

07 Jan

I was drugged to the gills after I woke up and I don’t remember a whole lot. I remember feeling like the nurses were rushing me. Since the surgery took place at an outpatient center everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get home. I remember being in some pain and having difficulty moving. I remember having vitals taken once and then being bundled up into the stuff I bought to wear back to the hotel. Button-up-the-front PJs and a big, fluffy robe and slippers.

When I was semi-conscious they sent Ken for the car. I felt like they practically shoved me out the door when he brought it around to the side door. I was wheeled from the recovery bay to the door and I felt like I was basically shoved into the vehicle. Getting in was an adventure in pain. And on top of that, it was raining and cold.

Once I had been shoved into the car, I heard the nurse lock the door behind me before Ken even got the car door shut.

I’m pretty sure I fell asleep again on the way to the hotel even though part of the trip was rather jarring. I remember being grateful that we didn’t have to drive all the way to Melbourne.

We got to the hotel and I remember that it took me quite a while to get from the car to the door of the room. I also remember feeling embarrassed that here I was in PJ’s, a robe and slippers in the parking lot outside. The vague image of a bag lady with a shopping cart slipped briefly through my mind as I inched my way towards the side door of the hotel. I still thank the powers of coincidence that I didn’t have to go in through the front door.

I don’t remember much after getting into the hotel room. I know Ken set up pillows for me so that I wouldn’t be lying down. I’m pretty sure I slept for a long time because when I woke up there was pizza in the room. The thought of solid food made me want to hurl so Ken made me soup.

While the soup was cooking I took a few laps around the hotel room because I was told repeatedly not to just lounge around or it would be worse later.  So I walked. I had soup and then I went back to sleep. I don’t remember anything else until the next morning. And that, I will talk about tomorrow.

Right now I am cleaning out drafts I have worked on over the last year or so. I want to finish them up before I move on.

This was from August 17th of ’09.


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