24 Dec

I made two dozen kringla today. Kringla is a traditional Norwegian pastry that our family makes. It’s been a very long time since I’ve made any but I’m guessing it’s like swimming. Once you learn, you never forget. I’d say it’s like bicycling but I never learned to ride because I have horrible balance. I fall over just getting ON the bike.

But I digress. Traditional Kringla demands that you chill the batter over night. This afternoon was spent pulling chunks of dough out of the fridge and making small batches at a time. It needs to stay chilled because the batter itself is mostly comprised of butter and sugar. So there was a great deal of bending involved.

It’s been eight months and my endurance is still not exactly where it was. If I push myself too hard my back hurts. If I don’t push myself, I’m not going to get any better. It’s frustrating because I don’t know how hard is too hard. I can’t afford a personal trainer to help me understand my limits. I’ve just got to keep moving forward at the pace I am and hope for the best.

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