Eye To I

07 Dec

It’s been a while since my last post. There really isn’t anything new to report. The stabby pains are still intermittent. My back still feels like it has a layer of plastic on it because of the wide swath of scar tissue.

I’m thinking of trying to find a massage therapist that is able to release scar tissue. I’m just kind of afraid that it’s going to be painful. Pain isn’t something that I really want to deal with more of. That’s another reason I’m not having another surgery any time soon. Technically speaking I’m still recovering from the last surgery.

This weekend we visited a few craft fairs and holistic shows. My endurance level is really quite pathetic. I don’t go very far before I need to sit down. At least not as far as I THINK I should be going. Really I should have been able to do the entire Cocoa Village craft fair without having to stop as long as I did.

Eventually I’ll get back to my old self. I AM doing better. I just wish I didn’t wear down so fast.


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