Flat Rocks

17 Nov

The last few days have been pretty exhausting with the trade show and all the travel. In that brief period I have noticed a distinct ache in the Twins. Not in the muscle wall behind but actually IN my individual breasts. I can feel the muscle roll around. Well, not so much roll as shift. And it feels like the skin is filled with a round, flat rock. You know…the kind you use for skipping. Except thicker.

I’m guessing that because I have been abusing my body, my chest (that is still healing BTW) is, very simply put, not amused with me. So I am feeling more sensation. Feeling more sensation is a good thing. That tells me that nerves are repairing and regrowing themselves.

I can’t even really take it easy for the next few days. I have another trade show on Saturday and set up Friday night. In the mean time I have more bottles to decant, more holiday sprays to blend and a general inventory to replenish.

In the mean time it’s probably a good thing that I can feel the muscle flap. It’s just one more part of the wonderful world of “recovery”.

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