15 Nov

This afternoon I was talking to a woman about BoobCast and what I have endured in my journey. What she told me didn’t really surprise me. It saddened me to no end though.

Her mother, a 70-year-old breast cancer survivor with bilateral mastectomy, developed necrosis after her TRAM flap breast reconstruction. Please follow this link ( to learn more about this type of reconstruction).

My understanding is that even though many surgeons downplay the risk of necrosis, it still happens much more frequently than we are led to believe. The woman in question, we’ll call her Mom, has said that she doesn’t want to undergo any more surgery.

I don’t blame her for that. Especially not at her age. It just saddens me that she will  live with the results of what the necrosis has done to her. Of course she will probably not talk about it and that will be one more woman suffering in silence because she was not given accurate information about the risks of the surgery she was undergoing.

This MAY not be the fault of her plastic surgeon. Sadly, sometimes necrosis occurs through no fault of the surgeon. Mind you the following opinion comes from the Hack in question (HiQ). He said “Sometimes these things just happen and no one knows why”. I need to investigate if that actually holds truth or if it was some kind of sick, twisted cop out.

So this is going to be one more thing I need to add to my To Do list: Research statistics for breast reconstruction and plastic surgery complications. I REALLY think it is much more wide spread than is being reported.


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