14 Nov

During the trade show I was selling at today I had my first massage since the latissimus flap reconstruction. Granted it was just a 10 minute chair massage but it was still manipulation of muscle tissue by another person.

I kept anticipating pain. Now I was already IN pain in my left shoulder. I was just waiting for screaming stabby pain in my back. Surprisingly it didn’t come. She did go very lightly because she didn’t want to cause harm. I think that I would want a massage therapist with a few years of experience if I were going to have a long massage.

I asked the therapist if she wanted to look at the scar lines so that she would know what she was dealing with. She gave me a look like she had just sucked on a lemon and told me no. She further explained that the latissimus spread from shoulder blade to waist. In hind sight I don’t think she really understood exactly what she was dealing with. I think she thought that my scars were that long…from shoulder blade to waist. They’re not. They really just go from just below the bra strap to about three inches above my waist.

Even though it relaxed my shoulder and eased my back a little bit, I really think that I’m going to seek out a massage therapist that has experience with a post-surgical back patient. That would be my advice to my readers as well. An improperly trained or inexperienced massage therapist could cause harm through ignorance. That’s the last thing anybody needs is more pain.


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