07 Nov

Two weeks after the repair surgery I noticed that the stitches on the left side right above the open area were starting to come undone.

No. I’m not kidding. Nor am I exaggerating.  The stitches slowly began to unravel. They called it dehiscence. My research implies that is when the edges of the wound separate. What happened here, however was that the catgut, nylon or whatever it is that comprised the stitches came apart and became more and more lose until the catgut or nylon was poking out and the edges of the wound was beginning to come apart.

And I thought I was horrified before?? HA! On top of that, I was downright pissed off at the Hack In Question because the fucker was on vacation. AGAIN! Oh and you think THAT’S a trip, try this one on for size: If you are under the care of a plastic surgeon in Florida, no other plastic surgeon will even LOOK at you!!

When the stitches started to loosen I was told that no one could see me at the HiQ’s office because he wasn’t there. So I called around to local plastic surgeons. I actually got into the office of one of the locals only to be told that I couldn’t be seen.

So I went home and the stitches continued to slowly unravel. As they lostened more, the skin pulled against them harder and I began unravelling faster. And STILL the Hack was out of touch. His office couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything for me. So finally when I was about 1/3 of the way undone I went to the emergency room. It was the only place that was left as far as I could tell.

I’ll talk about that adventure tomorrow. Unfortunately I don’t have it in me to do more than short burts.

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