Seven Month Checkup

02 Nov

Today I’m going to see Dr. Elliott for my seven month check up. Normally it would be six months but he cut me a little slack because life has been a bit insane lately with Ken’s new job, me taking over our business, school and general family issues.

I’m sure he’s going to say everything is okay. There are some things I want to cover with him though. First, a wide swath of my back still feels like it is covered in plastic wrap. I wish I had some other way to explain it. It just feels like a big square of my back has had a cracky plastic coating painted over the top. Or maybe like someone laid down wide strips of packing tape. I really hope he understands this analogy.

I also still have numb spots in places. The other night my right armpit itched abominably but I have no sensation in that area. You wanna talk weird? Try itching someplace that’s numb. THAT’LL throw your brain for a loop.

I also want to get his opinion on the small area of keloid scarring. Please see the entry on 9/30/09 for more about this topic. It’s not much but I think he ought to know.

I also need to tell him that we won’t be able to afford my nipple reconstruction surgery until around this time next year. Then I want to ask him what he thinks about the Japanese practice of inserting pearls under the skin for nipple protrusion. Unfortunately I cannot find a reference to that at the moment. As experienced as Dr. Elliott is though I’m sure he’s heard of it IF it’s something that is actually done.

Until recently about 2/3 of all nipple reconstructions failed. Dr. Elliott has gone to incredible lengths to reassure me that with current techniques that won’t happen. It IS normal for there to be some shrinkage though.

I’ll report more on this later.


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