Nope. Still Not Ready.

08 Oct

October 2nd was my two year anniversary. I keep trying to write posts about the first two weeks. Every time I get to the point that I start talking about the pressure, I look back on things I wrote back then and I start to tear up. I still don’t know exactly how I muscled my way through the ordeal. I guess I’m just tougher than I look, eh?

I also spent a good deal of time trying to block out and forget the things that happened. I didn’t keep written records and I wish i would have taken photos in the first two weeks. But I didn’t. Even Hubby’s memory is pretty sketchy.

Neither of us can remember if the following incident is in the second or third week after the initial surgery. It DID happen some time within the first three weeks though.

One night I felt a great deal of pressure in my chest, as though there was a very heavy someone standing on a board across my chest. Hubby called the HiQ’s answering service because I was having problems breathing. The only thing that seemed to relieve the pressure was to take off the surgical bra and lay on my back. Even then that only worked for a little while.

Hubby had to call the answering service TWICE before the HiQ called back. When the HiQ called, Hubby explained the problem. I was promptly told NOT to lie down and to put the surgical bra back on. It was also suggested that Hubby get me a Valium and that nothing was wrong and I was just having an anxiety attack.

And that’s enough for now.


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