Boobie Pics

12 Sep

After the last entry about extensive bruising, I dug out the old photos. I don’t have any pics of the bruises on my ribcage. What I DO have is some shots of the bruising on my former breasts. The main bruising seems to be where the necrosis developed: On the underside of both breasts and at the areolae. The photos show deep black and blue bruising on either side of the suture line underneath my breasts and on and around the areolae. The first photos were taken a week after the initial surgery so some of the bruising may have already faded. The breast bruising did not though.

After my second check up I was told that I was required  to wear a surgical bra 24/7 to support the new girls. The bras I was given didn’t really feel like what I would expect compression bras to feel like though. I would have thought that they would feel more like being wrapped in an ace bandage. This felt more like your typical thin fabric bra though. For convenience and comfort it fastened in the front.

Strangely I hadn’t started to worry much at this point in the narrative. I WAS a bit concerned about the bruising but everything I read said that bruising was normal so I trusted that. Even if I hadn’t, I don’t think there was anything I could have done.  I think I was doomed from the start.

The HiQ (Hack in Question for new readers) maintained a wait and see approach in all things. Every time I asked a question he dodged it with either “I don’t know” or “Let’s just wait and see”.

We’re fast coming up on the really bad stuff so again I’ll beg your indulgence for the sporadic nature of the posts. I WILL tell this story because people need to know what can happen when plastic surgery goes horribly awry. It’s just difficult even two years later.


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