The First Check-Up

09 Sep

The afternoon after the initial surgery I had my first check up. So we headed over to the office of the HiQ. It wasn’t a very fun trip. I could feel every pebble and bump in the road.

Regardless of the pain meds I was still something of a hurting unit. I was probably a 2-3 on the pain scale until the meds kicked in. Because of that I just stayed in my PJs and robe. I figured ‘screw it’. It was a little unnerving being in the waiting room like that but I was SO sore and tender that I didn’t actually care how I presented myself at that point.

Ken came with me when I was called back into the exam room. I was told to take off my robe and PJ top and they would take care of the rest. It took me a minute or so because the meds may not have kicked in completely yet.

The HiQ’s PA came in and she was very gentle as she removed the bandages. Once everything was off I could finally see. I must admit right then I was happy with what I was seeing as far as size went. Now that I have some distance and a little more perspective I can say this: It looked like someone took two small Nerf footballs and shoved them under my skin. In retrospect, it was disappointing. Sure they were bigger but the shape was awful.

I was also VERY deeply bruised from my collar bone to my waist. This includes my breasts, although the initial bruising was splotchy. There were dark spots on my nipples and areolae and it looked like there was a little separation around the areolae where it was supposed to meet up with the rest of the breast.

In places the bruising actually looked like hand prints. That was also disconcerting that people manhandled me so badly that I was black and blue.

Much later I posted the situation on another forum and I was contacted by a nurse specializing in plastic surgery. She thinks that something went really, really wrong during the surgery and THAT was the reason that I had so much bruising. I wish now that I had taken more photos earlier.

With all the bruising I was quite obviously concerned. When I brought it up the HiQ he said that bruising was normal. I figured he knew what he was talking about so I let it go. I chalk it up to ignorance.

I would also like to point out that I noticed that the HiQ did not put in drains to drain off the serous fluid. This will come into play later so remember that point.


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