The Surgery

15 Aug

I took all the vitamins, antibiotics, etc people at the HIQ’s office (Hack in Question) told me to take in the order I was supposed to take it. We made reservations for a hotel to stay in for a few days so that I wouldn’t have to ride back and forth to Melbourne from Orlando right after surgery.

In the intervening two weeks I have to admit to having had some doubts. I considered canceling the surgery on one occasion only to find out that we still would have owed all the money anyway PLUS a cancellation fee.

The big reason I was having so many doubts, I think, was that my Mom completely freaked out when I told her that I was getting a boob job. She reverted to “lecture” mode and preached at me about her really bad experiences. What I find odd now is that she didn’t give me ANY details at all about what had happened, presuming that I just  knew or remembered.

I didn’t.

I was scheduled for 2pm on October 2nd 2007. HiQ asked me be at the surgical center two hours before surgery. There was paperwork to fill out once I got there. Of course I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink since midnight because of the possibility of aspirating.

We got there early and the nice nurses in the office gave me the paperwork I still had to fill out. It was the standard pre-surgical paperwork: allergies, etc. So I got that done and began the long wait. I tried distracting myself with a magazine but I was still really nervous. Finally when I thought I was going to pop, a nurse called me back.

There were probably about 10 to 15 bays separated by curtains. Each one contained a wheeled gurney and monitoring equipment. I was given a bag for my street clothes and in exchange, I was given a hospital gown that I was told to leave open in front. I was also given a pair of surgical hose to put on. They help to prevent blood clots in the leg from what I’ve been told by both the staff there ad Dr. Elliott’s people.

Then the HiQ came to see me. He made a bunch of measurements and pen marks all over my chest. I asked if I could make a change in implant size to something smaller. He replied “Well you’d better not change your mind because I only brought the one set of implants”.

After the HiQ was done, the nurse came in, popped an IV in my arm and took my vitals. Of course my blood pressure was running a little high because of nerves but that was to be expected. Then she placed these odd sleeves on my legs over the hose. I’ll explain those in a few minutes.

After all that we waited some more. Ken kept my mind occupied so I wouldn’t freak out while we waited MUCH longer than we expected. We were told that the previous surgery was taking more time than expected.  Finally the nurses came to wheel me in to surgery at about 3:30. I kissed Ken and told him I would see him soon.

Once in surgery the leg sleeves were hooked up to a machine that  rhythmically pumped air into them. Their job was to keep blood flowing well in my legs. The compressions also reduced the possibility of developing blood clots. I was given an injection through the IV and within a matter of moments, I was out like the proverbial light.


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